Origami is now on Facebook!

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Paddle Boarding, SUP Boards | One Comment

We have another announcement to make:  Please check out the new and improved Origami Paddler Facebook page!!


One comment on “Origami is now on Facebook!

  1. Hi Tim
    Hey, long time since MYC days! I can barely remember all the other kids I played with on that beach but we do share that history! Anyway, to skip to the present, I am getting into SUP and preparing to buy one. My folks keep mentioning your folding board and they told me to at least contact you and learn more about what you are doing regarding that. I have a stepson and daughter-in-law in Seattle not too far from you and they are boarders too. I just saw your video and it looks interesting, even as I’m about to purchase a used Caution maybe, but i’m not sure. i was visiting Allen & Debby (I call them Mom and Dad) in the Palisades and thought I’d buy one in that area cuz there are so many more folks down there. My bro Conrad was having a grandchild in Santa Barbara (5 days old!) and he took me to the SUP store there where I saw some carbon Starboards: wow! I need a light board. Mostly flatwater but want to be able to catch waves if I ever get comfy navigating surf w/ that paddle in my hand! Okay, I’ve made the contact and I understand if you are super busy and don’t have the time. Just wanting to further my SUP education and check in on a paddling icon! Take care, Andrea “Anny” Parducci Owen-Densmore

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