International Shipping Update – December 2021

We believe we have fulfilled all Canadian Kickstarter backer orders, if your survey was submitted before November. We are almost done building the remaining international Kickstarter backer orders. We now plan to ship our first containers in January. 

We will be working with RedSky out of Kilkenny Ireland as our European 3PL partner. We are also working with a 3PL partner in Australia and New Zealand to ship Kickstarter orders to those countries too. We are going to ship Origami Paddlers, accessories, and spare parts as well and they will forward them to you individually as you request them by emailing

Origami Paddler will be covering the cost difference for those that have already paid for their shipping with the increased shipping costs we have seen.

The cost of shipping will be raised on the website for all future orders when we open up international sales.

Please keep in mind that the reason shipping seems so expensive is because we don’t hide that cost in the price of the boat like other companies do. We prefer to be transparent about it and adjust based on your location. We think that’s the fairest way to do it. 

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