Investment and the Future

It’s a busy and exciting time at Origami Paddler as we work to finish fulfilling all of the Kickstarter pledges and start shipping pre-orders. 

We are so grateful for your support that got us to this place! We are growing rapidly and firming up our plans to reach out to investors to get the funds we need to increase production and build our inventory.

We also have a long list of accessories and different models in the works, but your orders come first, so we are focusing on fulfilling all of our existing orders.

We are devoting as much energy as we have to floating your boat your way!

Over the last two years the global economy has faced various shocks – shortages of labor, materials, and services have created bottlenecks and increased costs in every area.

For Origami Paddler specifically, we’ve experienced large increases in the cost of our materials and especially with shipping, for example, the cost of shipping containers from Asia to the U.S. has tripled this year alone.

These changes have made running the business extremely challenging and we now find it necessary to make appropriate price adjustments earlier than originally planned, and wanted to let you know why. 

We know we are still priced lower than we could be because of the convenience and flexibility of the Paddlers. Being easy to store and transport, and being both a Stand Up Paddleboard and Kayak (two boats in one!) has been a real hit with our customers.

We plan to continue to raise our prices gradually over the next several months as we get closer to shipping from inventory.

Thanks for your understanding and for being a member of the Origami Paddler Family! 

We appreciate you!

Origami Paddler Team 

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