Origami Paddler Is Back

We are excited to announce that Origami Paddler is back with new ownership!  After a nearly two-year shutdown, it will take time to get all the pieces moving again at full speed, especially large-scale production of new paddlers.  That being said, we are working very hard to rebuild operations in a sustainable and responsible manner.   We ask for patience as we work to restore the trust and integrity of the brand.

As you may know, Origami Paddler entered a court ordered receivership in July of 2022 (that’s basically “lawyer speak” for they went bankrupt.)  Attempts to reorganize the company were ultimately unsuccessful, and the court ordered the sale of Origami’s assets to one of its creditors. If you have a claim for a previous transaction with Origami Paddler that occurred before December 20, 2023, please contact the court appointed receiver here for status updates on the case.

With nearly 30,000 Paddlers already shipped, one of our first priorities will be making parts and accessories available again to support current Paddler owners.  We are also very excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Gen2 Click Hinge!  The Gen2 Click Hinge has many advantages in durability and ease of use over the original.  Best of all, it’s fully retrofittable with your existing paddler!  Click here for more information on the new Gen2 Click Hinge.

Thank you for your interest in Origami Paddler.  If you’re not already subscribed to our mailing list, please subscribe here.  Stay Tuned!

The Origami Paddler Team.

The Court Appointed Receiver for Origami Paddler